About us

Gema García 


Translator, proofreader, interpreter

“I’m a Cantabrian living in Germany and deeply in love with the linguistic world. Within the extense translation world, I started finding my way when I was still at university. Literary translation caught my eye since the very first years of  my Bachelor and became my first specialization. One of my first projects within this field was the translation of the text “A Poem on Sir John Moore at Corunna” by the Irish poet Charles Wolfe which was the very first translation into Spanish of this text.

Later on, I dove into the fields of psychology, sociology and international relationships specializating in each of them. I eventually discovered that what I liked the most about this profession was actually its human side, and that is why I decided to study a Master’s degree in Intercultural Mediation.

Nowadays, I’ve learnt to enjoy translation but keeping on growing within this profession which I always found fascinating.”


Marta Ciprés


Translator, proofreader, interpreter

“Born in Zaragoza but living in the breathtaking city of Barcelona. That’s me.
I discovered my passion for languages the very first time I set a foot on foreign land. Since that moment I decided that my future would be focused on helping people to understand each other in spite of their linguistic differences. During my time at university I started walking towards my dream, obtaining a specialization in the fields of legal, economic, and marketing translation. My professional steps range from voluntary work at NGOs to all kind of translation projects aimed to the externalization of companies. This profession makes me happy by overcoming multicultural barriers.

I was once told that a translator should be passionate about learning. I can now assure they were right about that and, in fact, the best part of this profession is being immersed in a constant process of learning both at an academic and a human level; and I love it!