Interpreting and intercultural mediation: Translinked wants to break down cultural barriers and ensure that there are no communication problems due to language. For this reason, we offer interpreting services with total confidentiality and thoroughness.

This service is currently only available in Germany, where we specialize in trade fair interpreting and intercultural mediation for immigrants and refugees.

The types of interpreting services we offer are consecutive, simultaneous, chuchotage, as well as intercultural mediation.

Bilateral interpreting

General: 65€ / hour

Technical: 69€ / hour

consecutive interpreting

Half day: 520€

Full day: 615€

Simultaneous interpreting

Half day: 440€

Full day: 530€

Note: these prices are for information only and should be confirmed with Translinked on a case-by-case basis. Accommodation and travel expenses are not included.

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